Free People Free People

There is a book named Hurt People Hurt People by Dr. Sandra Wilson.  While I have not read it I do understand the concept.  This is so true.  We all act from a place of who we are at a specific time and the hurts we have previously experienced are expressed in out hurtful actions.

When recently listening to a podcast by Elizabeth Gilbert and Tammy Simon, about Self Acceptance, the ending quote from Elizabeth Gilbert was “Free People Free People”.  This quote expresses that when you feel that you are “free” to be yourself you can “free” others or allow them to be themselves too!

Wow!  This was very “freeing”!  I love the work I do. It allows me to be myself.  As a Coach, I listen deeply to others and help others to become more self-aware.  Through that process I become more self-aware!  And I need to know who I am and recognize how I feel in the moment. 

"Let Freedom Ring"

By staying aware and not reacting, I allow the other person to speak and feel their own thoughts and feelings.   By asking questions, I can help them move from thinking and expressing limiting beliefs to opening to possibilities.

Yes, everyone has hurts and we have all had traumatic events take place in our lives.  The traumatic experiences along with our non-traumatic experiences have brought us to this place and make up the people we are today.  Those experiences have been internalized and shape the thinking and belief system we have today.

Accepting that the many hurts, joys and neutral experiences as well is not always possible in the moment because our human brains are built to look for hurts and keep us alive, they cling to and more readily process the hurts and the trauma.  The positive experience slip by…unless, we make a big deal out of them, and consciously internalize them in a different way.

How can you free yourself from your negative and limiting beliefs?

How can you align your actions with your values?

How can you rewrite your story to be positive and joyful? 

How can you make the best of your time and feel good about your decision

Free yourself today from your limiting beliefs and watch your world open up!  Learn how to h ave compassion for hurt people who are hurting people.  They too will feel free from your judgment.

Disclaimer:  I am not a therapist.  I am a trauma informed coach. I do not process the hurts.  If you know you have a history of trauma and want to explore that I highly recommend you contact a trauma informed therapist to explore your past experiences. The therapeutic process is also very freeing.  Fear of our past can often hold us back.  When we realize it is our PAST we can move past it, become aware of our present and enjoy and create a new future.