Celebrate YOUR Independence!

What does independence mean to you?  Each person has their own perspective.  Independence Day is a time to celebrate… and it begins with you.  If we each reflect on our own ability to "be the change we want to see in the world" we can make this world a better place.  Reflection is the key.  And it is not something we have been taught well… we are a country of “doers”, yes taking action has it’s role. However, doing is most effective when it  comes from a place of being grounded and intention.  Otherwise, it becomes busyness - business!  We scramble to make money and spend money.  Are we being re-active or pro-active?
Your choices effect the world.  The words you use to think about yourself effect the way you show up in the world.  The words you use to communicate with others effect the way others respond and can positively or negatively impact the interaction. 
Becoming more self-aware is a choice and it happens in relationship.  It takes the willingness to become aware – some call that courage.  I like to think of it as a necessity.  If we don’t become aware we can cause more harm than good.  We can limit our lives and damage our relationships. 
Spiritual Author Louise Hay says:  “Self Awareness gives us choices”.  I love that… it goes along with the old saying ‘you don’t know what you don’t know”.  Are you aware that you have choices - or do you feel like you "have to"? Yes, we all have blind spots.  The question is, how are they showing up in our lives?
So you have a choice to become more self-aware and examine your limiting beliefs this Summer!  I will partner with you.  As a certified coach and a curious person I have done this work.  I am still doing this work.  It is exciting and freeing and I choose to do it as a career because I believe it will improve the wellbeing of the planet!  A mind that is clear and intentional has great power and leads to a healthy body as well. 
Sometimes there is a social, political or human services challenge that needs to be addressed.  There is not always clarity about the purpose or intention.  How are the actions being taken tied to the root cause and values in our country?  Group coaching can bring together a like minded individuals with similar concerns and purpose to examine and co-create a common goal with clear intention and action.  As a coach I am responsible for facilitating the group to hear each member and make a collective action plan and hold the group accountable. 
Celebrate your Independence, it is your right to be free! Coaching is a voluntary process.  You have to want it. It is truly a partnership that you choose. You have a choice and you have the support you need!  Change happens in relationship.  You can read self-help books and self improvement books and talk to your friends, and they won’t recognize the subconscious thoughts and blind spots that are interfering with you taking the action that focuses you in the direction you truly want to go! 
Happy Independence Day!  Make a choice to make the world a better place! We can all be the change we want to see in the world. 

Co-Creating change, one person or group at a time.