The Group Experience



Consider working with a group of like-minded individuals with common interests and needs as an opportunity to engage in a process where you will share ideas and explore challenging issues, goals and desires.

Every individual is heard and develops an action plan for future change.

These sessions are open to anyone who feels connected with the topic or has a desire to attend.

I've created a safe space to feel what you feel and organize/structure the events with a loose "objective" in mind such as creating an affirmation in the form of artwork.


Each group is different. As we begin, the group will set the ground rules to keep the space we share safe and comfortable for all. Examples of common ground rules are...



Open Dialogue

No Cell Phones During the Session

Judgement-Free Zone

Respect for One Another

Taking Turns Speaking


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Connect with me with any questions or a topic you would like to offer to a group.


Group Coaching FAQ


Who are these events for?

Everyone! See specific event details to see if you feel connected with the topics.

I have an idea for a topic or activity. Can i lead a session?

You can submit your ideas to me and I'll follow up with you to discuss the organization of the event.

Where do these events take place?

Events can be virtual or in person and happen in various locations within the state of Maine and beyond. Venue information is provided in each event detail page.