Transitions come and come and come…they never go…but you do!

As a person who co-creates change, I believe it is essential to understand the nature and the flow of our world.  Some changes are big, and some are subtle.  For example, choosing where to live, where to work, who to work for, how to manage a practice are some of the big decisions that create flow. 

Transitions are changes.  Transferring energy one “place” to another.  They require us to move from a place of “knowing” to a place of the “unknown”.  How often do we walk into the store to buy something and come out with other items we did not plan to buy and sometimes without the thing we thought we were going to buy?  Sometimes the item we “knew” we wanted wasn’t available. 

When I contemplate transitions in my life, it becomes more apparent that I can only make decisions about what comes to me in the present moment.  When making a decision and presented with a choiceI sometimes say “yes”, or “no”, depending on where I am and how I feel in the moment in the process.  Even though I say “yes”, and sometimes I say “yes” to something and sometimes something can happen that interferes with the expected outcome.

When I realize that I only have control over my decision in that moment, it helps me to focus more on what serves me in the transaction.  “Is this something that I really want? It is all guess work because we don’t know what the future will hold.

How much is invested in the outcome?  Focusing on your own needs must come first.  The rest will follow. Notice the word “flow” is in “follow”.  Trust that with each decision made for your best interest, the outcome will also be for your best interest.  When we go too far into the future, or make decisions based on the needs of others, we tend to make up stories about what “should” happen and may set ourselves up for disappointments.

I am in the middle of a huge transition! While undergoing this transition, I am letting go and trusting the process.  I remember that there is a bigger plan out there that is bringing me to the places that are most in alignment with what I truly desire!  So, the more I get clear on that, the quicker I will move in that direction. 

Patience is a big and important virtue in the acceptance of transition.  As I wait and feel the void of what I want to happen and what is happening, I choose to focus on those things I can control and that make me feel good.  I may make a list of things I am grateful for, such as being on the planet and making choices in my life that serve me.  For my beautiful life, including my daughter who inspires me to enjoy life and take risks.  I am grateful for my friends who support me in engaging in the unknown and following my desires.  For my coaches and therapist for being there when I feel vulnerable and need to open my mind to trust and believe in myself more and more.  For yoga guides and classes that help me to heal and restore my body, mind and spirit to a place of wellbeing and stay grounded in the present moment. 

It’s funny that when I realize how many possibilities are out there waiting I get a bit overwhelmed! 

That’s when I need to get grounded and be the observer and see what is coming to me, making choices from a point of presence and wisdom.

So, I take 3 slow deep breaths!


I ask myself, “What do you want?”  “What do you want to do?”  “Where do you want to live?”

Remove all obstacles.jpg


What do I want?  I want to make positive change in the world.  I want to co-create change with others and connect with like-minded people who want to grow and support positive transformation. 


I want to live my dharma!  Every day!  I do trust this process!  It has been serving me for 57+ years.  Here I am!  And I am more aware and trusting – my point of attraction is grounded in the present moment!  I feel prosperous and say yes!  I am leaning into and accepting my feelings and each moment as it unfolds. 

Sometimes it feels like you are waiting a long time for the next thing to happen…what does that feel like?  If we are used to controlling things and are a “doer” that can feel “uncomfortable”.  So, it is essential to trust the process.  Send an invitation out to the Universe.  Perhaps following a job interview that went really well you are waiting for the call to learn the next steps.   Or, you have put out a proposal to do some work for a company and they have not responded.  As Louise Hay says, “when you put your order in at a restaurant you don’t chase the waiter into the kitchen to watch them prepare the meal, “you do what you do”,  at a restaurant you might talk to your friend or have a drink, and when you wait for a job offer you can talk to your friend and continue to do the work you are currently doing, which may include pursuing other employment and trust all along that everything will unfold in such a way that you will prosper.

I recently had a moving company come to give me an estimate and a time frame for moving my belongings.  Given the companies schedule, the move needed to happen a few days sooner than I thought.  I said “yes!”  I said bring on the move…  I understood that I needed to work with the moving company not against it.  I trusted that I would have a place to live by then.  I trusted that I could put my belongings in storage. I trusted that my work was aligning with my purpose and that I can live my life in comfort and ease and joy!


And when the movers came, to my surprise, the move was easier than I thought it would be.  All of my belongings were packed into “vaults” that were already on the truck.  They took the vaults to the warehouse.  One less step for me.  I envision my belongings safe and sound and snug… and when I return in the warm weather I will have them shipped to my next destination.


I am excited to be pursuing a bicoastal lifestyle, the best of both worlds, where I can do what I love and serve others.  I am taking each day as it comes.  I am enjoying my time and staying present.  I am open to meeting new people and enjoying learning about a new community and culture.

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On the day of my transition the affirmation on my calendar read: “This is a glorious day and every experience is a joyous adventure.”


Sitting on the plane, I looked at a beautiful baby in the seat in front of me, I connected with the innocence I have found… ready to begin again and again. 

On my second flight above the clouds my mind thinks that the clouds look like a dessert and then all of a sudden it looks like I am next to a mountain of fresh white snow.  I keep hearing the song… “I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again”… and I feel it in my heart – the space for the unknown… the missing of my daughter and grandchildren and my friends, right next to the excitement of living in a new place, meeting new people, being a listener and observer, letting go a little more, trusting a little more, and being more grateful for each day.

And when I arrive at my “destination”, I am greeted by the familiar sight of an airport I have visited many times.  However, I am also feeling the emotions of not being met by familiar people, as I have been before. The place, with the backdrop of the beautiful mountains, and the warm air comforts me!  No lines at the car rental and within a ½ hour I am off on my journey up the highway to my next “destination”.



Wow, it is lovely warm and welcoming.  “Everything” I need is here. Including the uncertainty and newness to crack open my feelings of vulnerability!  I am nearby to the job I have interviewed for and I am only a phone call away from those that I love.  I am blessed with friends and family that are supportive and share my excitement for my new adventure.


I found a peaceful, beautiful place to live at the home of two lovely people who have welcomed me and are willing to share their space with me as we get to know one another.


I appreciate being nearby to yoga studios and Center for the Work where Byron Katie holds workshops monthly.  Her self-inquiry process is a great tune up for “Loving What Is” and observing the thoughts and emotions that arise in this new “space”.


This new position provides me with an opportunity to use my skills as a trauma informed Speech Language Pathologist and Coach, and to make sure that I take care of myself.  The adjustment to a new environment can be stressful on the nervous system, and it is important to take breaks and be compassionate with myself.  I have a lot to learn and it’s ok not to know everything.


Oh, and did I tell you that I landed in a place where they have Irish Step Dancing classes? My inner child and I are having a blast!


All is well!  Thank you for reading my blog!  If you would like to embark on a new Transition or Journey, please contact me for an introductory coaching session: - schedule



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