Summer is a time for Reflection - Here are some opportunities for Reflection

Summer is officially on its way!  The school year is ending and many students are graduating!  There is a shift occurring in our society and I am hopeful that you will join me in taking time to reflect on the impact of  Adverse Childhood Experiences on yourselves and your students and families.  The school shootings since February are two too many.  The students committing these horrific massacres have had significant Adverse Childhood Experiences.  The most recent student wanted people to "know his story".  It isn't always our practice to dig into people's past.  However, it is necessary to understand who we are and where we have come from so we can have more awareness of how and why our lives are playing out the way they are and begin the healing process.  Relationships are the key ingredient from Birth to Death.  Unfortunately, many families have had intergenerational adversity and often don't have a model for "healthy relationships". I will be blogging more about Healthy Relationships. In the mean time it is a great topic to explore on your own or with me.

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Enjoy the sun take time to reflect and get back to your natural state of wellbeing!