Summer Story Telling Offerings: Know your Story!

Take time for a MindShift.  This spring I offered several conversational events about how ACES play out in the classroom, school and home.  One of my participants from Australia attended and she works for a government agency who provides services for children who have been removed from their home.  It became apparent during out conversation that the shift in education needs to move towards teachers becoming more Trauma Informed. This topic not only doesn't only impacts their students, it can impact their own lives.

So this summer, I will provide several offerings about :  Knowing Your Story, Knowing the story of your students as well as looking at the Special Education Caseload and Students in the Classroom.

Story telling is powerful.  It allows us to become clear about who we are, where we have been, what life events have been impactful, how we have felt and our ability to overcome problems.  When we have a structure for for story telling we can teach it to our students and use it in those stressful and happy times. Often children with trauma have challenges expressing themselves and they shut down. They need practice being heard and time and strategies to organize their thoughts.

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