Are you having challenges at school talking to your administrators about the needs of your students?

Do you feel overwhelmed about the amount of work you have -paperwork, meetings, and children out of control?

Are you constantly putting out fires?

Do you feel like you are running on a hamster wheel, and when you get off it bumps up behind you and kicks you in the butt?


You are not alone!  You have the capacity to make the decisions and have the conversations that make your work more meaningful, productive and effective.

You can have a partner to explore your challenges, the possible resolutions as well as to support you in being accountable for your actions and to celebrate you accomplishments.

Working in the schools, particularly as a Special Educator or Speech Language Pathologist can be very challenging. I have been there!  You often wind up with the most challenging students in your room, day in and day out.  The parents often also have their own challenges and you wind up feeling like you are parenting everyone.

What about you?  Who is supporting you?  Are you taking good care of yourself?  Are you taking time to breathe, exercise, eat well and enjoy life?

Professional Development comes in many forms.  As a Certified Speech Language Pathologist and a Certified Master Coach I have developed a level of awareness that that there is so much information available to learn. Focusing on taking action towards your goals is important, NOW more than ever.   The challenge is -  what to choose and how to apply it and integrate it into your current knowledge, experiences and needs. 

The process used in coaching allows you to develop your own self-awareness about what works for you! You will gain clarity about what you desire.  Have you heard the expression – “get out of your own way!”  Yup – but you have to take the time to reflect long enough to realize when and where you might be getting in your own way!

Join me for an introductory coaching session and we can discuss what your life will be like if you take action and Co-Create change NOW!