Love and Fear are both 4 Letter Words…

Love and Fear are both 4 Letter Words…

The feelings being projected out onto the internet (Facebook, Twitter, etc…) are reflected in the words being used.

When people use fear-based language they create fearful thoughts and brains and bodies get taken over by fear.

When people use love-based language we create loving thoughts and our brains and bodies are calm and grounded in loving action.

When people tell children that “gunmen” are coming into schools we are filling them with fear. The reality is that none of these incidents have been repeated in the same school (to my knowledge). These "gunmen" are not even always adults, and they are human beings who have their own wounds. Hurt people hurt people. I choose to focus on my own feelings... be human... be scared, be worried, and then get back to love. Problems are solved and solutions are found when we are calm. I choose to be the love I want to see in the world!

I invite you to stop for 5 minutes today and write how you feel on the internet, check in with your bodies hearts and emotions, acknowledge fear and let it pass? I invite you to find a loving feeling for all of the human beings in the world who are hurting and wounded and send love and then tell each other how that feels.

When we all connect with one another and make sure that others feel seen and that you are present, when they are having challenges with their feelings and emotions, healing happens. Where attention goes energy flows.

I invite you to take time to check in with your feelings, get through your own fear, stop instilling fear in our young children, and get back to love. I choose LOVE!

I feel nervous about how we are talking about human beings and the events and politics that are happening in the world... we can make it better or worse.. let's choose the words and thoughts carefully!

I want to hear how you are feeling... not what others should do.