How? Allow!

Good Day! 

After reflecting on the topics of my upcoming online group experiences, Take Time to Make Time and What is Your Value?, it occurred to me that there was a theme. How do you Value yourself more? – you need to allow yourself to value yourself more. 

Well that is easier said than done!  Allowing takes a level of self-awareness that is blocked by fears and obstacles.  Unfortunately we tend to allow the fears and obstacles to stand in our way. That’s where Co-Creating Change comes in.

As a group (or individually if you wish) you become aware of obstacles and figure out how to overcome them.  You can’t drive around a pot hole if you don’t know it’s there!  I’ve done that this winter!

So often people say “I don’t have enough time to do my job!” or “I don’t have enough time to exercise!”.  Well, you may have more time than you are not aware of.  How do you know you don’t have enough time?  

Put your fears aside and allow yourself to join me for a group coaching session where we will find time and make time for the important things in YOUR life! 

Better yet, bring 5 friends, you can each join from your own home and your own computer.  If you bring 5 friends, you get your fee waived.  That’s a $50 VALUE!  

Send me a message on Facebook, contact me, or send me an email with any questions you may have!

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