ABA for Education

Having lived in the world of education for many years as a student, a direct service provider (Speech Language Pathologist), home visitor and now as a consultant in public, private and special purpose private schools (25+ years) I have become aware of the need for reflection in our teaching practices.  I have noticed that many professionals are running on a hamster wheel trying to get things done.  Teaching has become a job and a task instead of a purpose and a role and a passion.  I believe this is a result of not taking time for reflection and building self awareness.  

All well intended, we come to the field of education wanting to serve others and make the world a better place.  How we show up is how we serve. 

Reflection is accomplished when we take time to determine if what we are doing is in alignment with what we believe works.  

What do you believe the purpose of education is?

What do your students believe about the purpose of education?

What do you believe your role is as a teacher?

How do your daily teaching practices align with those beliefs?

Take time to Join fellow educators as we reflect and Align Beliefs with Action (ABA for Education).