How we talk about and to children matters. 3 Myths and Truths

The words we use reflect our underlying beliefs When we are on automatic pilot those words and beliefs may not be in true alignment with what we really believe. It is worthwhile to take  time to explore this using a growth mindset.

Myth#1:  Children are defined by their performance at school.

Truth#1: Children are constantly changing and growing in and out of school.

Myth#2:  Children’s behavior at home is not related to their behavior at school.

Truth #2:  Children are whole beings.  They learn and develop from ALL of their experiences. 


Myth #3:  Children figure out how to behave when adults are super structured and set clear consequences.

Truth#3: Children learn by interacting with the people who are teaching them. 

If a child is responding to a teacher, they are responding to the teacher.  Their response may be a learned behavior from other experiences  however, they can shape that response by interacting with their teacher and learning a new response.  How we respond to a child can change their experience.

The message here is to notice the words you use when you discuss a student’s behavior or performance and check in with yourself to see if you really believe that about the child or if you want to further explore how the child learns and grows.