Value, Values, Valuable!

So “What is your Value? I ask.

I ask this question because many people have expressed that it is challenging to ask a certain price for their services or wages.  How does that resonate with you?

In addition, some people have expressed that they are having a hard time making it work financially… always running out of money – or time….

So I am asking you to begin at the beginning… What do you value?  What are your values?  How can you align your energy (money and time) with your Values?  It may not always be obvious but we often value what aligns with our values.  However, if we put our energy elsewhere there is a misalignment and therefore a loss of energy.

Let’s take an example… you value “healthy” food, you typically buy fresh vegetables at the farm stand, farmers market or the health food store.  One day you decide you need to “save money” and buy  “cheaper” veggies at the grocery store and they are prepackaged and less nutritious because they are not fresh.  Yes, they are green, but the nutrients can be lost over time and the packaging well… we won’t go there.

So you may have saved “money” in the moment but, did you stay aligned with your value of  “healthy” foods?  What did you gain?  What did you lose?  

Money is energy. I like to think of it as a tool with which to invest in values. Where we put our energy(money) and focus our investments grows.  Saving money over time to buy something we value is different from saving money when we buy something we don't value.

So let's  go back to our original question:

What is your value?  Or asked another way… how can you be more valuable?

Here are is a list of values and beliefs to ponder:

health, time, positive energy, love, comfort, joy, well being, environmental consciousness, world peace...

What do you value and what is your value… where are you investing your energy and how much are you worth investing in? 

To further explore your value register for my Group Coaching Experience, What is your value?  Let’s align value with values and be more valuable in 2018!  Cheers!