Co-Creating Change

Good Morning,  Welcome to Co-Creating Change!


People have asked me… “What do you do?”

Me:  “I co-create change.”

Change happens at the individual and collective levels.

Over the years I have learned that I have control over the change in my life.  I can choose to change and how I respond to the changes that happen in my life. 

The other thing I learned is that change happens in relationship.  Individual change happens with one’s self in relationship with their experiences and thoughts.

Change of others happens when individuals change, therefore changing the relationship with another.  One person can change and therefore the relationship changes.

More or greater change can happen when two people who are in a relationship agree to change.  The relationship is the third party, if you will, that receives the changes made by both individuals.

So, I provide support to people who are ready to change.  I co-create change by partnering in relationship with those who want to make change in their lives.  If you have a goal you want to achieve I will be the person who supports you in identifying and moving forward on the actions that create the change you desire.

When people are working together in small and large organizations, whether they are for or non-profit, educational or governmental agencies, there are always opportunities for change. It is important to align the communication styles and needs of the different staff members who work together with the mission and vision of the organization.  What we give attention to grows! People come to their work for their own individual reasons or intentions.  Some people's intentions are are aligned with the mission of the organization while some are aligned with the paycheck they receive.  

Visit to learn more about “Co-Creating” Change in an Individual or Group Experience.  I look forward to meeting you there!