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Self Care for Educators #2

  • Online Zoom Connection (map)

You can't teach from an empty vessel...

The school year is about to begin and hopefully you will be refreshed from Summer Vacation.  Before you know it you will be swamped with meetings and paperwork and life will happen! 

Take time over 4 sessions to experience a group coaching event where we will develop self care plans and hold each person accountable.

You will take away:

1.  An affirmation stating your goal for Self Care.

2.  A plan for putting yourself 1st in everything you do!

3.  Strategies and Support for setting healthy boundaries with students, teachers and administrators.

4.  Strategies and Support for Self Advocacy.

This event will take place on Monday afternoons from 3-5.  Alternate dates are available if you contact me directly.

Take care of number 1.  Be healthy, wealthy and wise for School Year 2018-19.