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What do you Value?

When was the last time you sat down and reviewed your values and what you value?   

This group experience will provide you with that opportunity.  Some questions the group will explore include:

  • How do you identify your values?  
  • How do you share your values with others?  
  • How do your values align with your current life?

Join in this powerful discussion and co-create change that aligns with your values!

When:  March 13, 6-8 PM

Where:  Virtual  

What to Bring- Your present self and your current thoughts and experiences about your current Values.

Group Size:  Minimum – 4, Maximum - 8.

Value:  In exchange for $50 you will have:

  • An affirmation co-created by you about your values.
  • A safe space to explore and share your thoughts and beliefs
  • Supportive ideas and an opportunity to connect with others through an ongoing private Facebook Group.